Woven Women – Spiral Eyes

A couple of days ago, I posted photos of ‘Woven Women- Spiral Eyes’ in process and with the weaving finished, but still on the loom.  LINK

I was planning on weaving more small diary pieces on the same warp, but- oops!

I broke a warp strand while advancing the warp- ack!

So, I cut the warp off and finished framing her:

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay http://www..crone-findlay.com

My thoughts while weaving this piece were

that we simply have to come from a place of compassion….

which is what the spirals represent to me-

spiral in, spiral out.

The eyes, of course, are about seeing….

the blue around her face represents tears,

the green in the spirals is all about hope.

So… that’s what’s woven into a very tiny tapestry.  (It’s 3 inches by 5 inches)





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9 responses to “Woven Women – Spiral Eyes

  1. She is just wonderful!!! The frame is perfect!!! Just amazing.

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  3. Intense and wonderful – a little jewel!

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  4. It is a joyful mystery to me how you manage to weave so much beauty into such a small space.
    These eyes somehow remind me of a story told recently by a woman at our church who was in Istanbul doing something creative with a group of women in a courtyard. As they left, three of these veiled women began singing – in English – the Cat Stevens version of Morning Has Broken.

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  5. Wow! That’s wonderful!

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