6th Sense One of a Kind Art Dolls

For many months, I have been working really hard on new mixed media fiber art sculptures.

The 6th Sense is intuition/inspiration/imagination.

These one of a kind art dolls are based on dreams, memories, meditations and contemplations and are an invitation to embrace creativity, healing and wholeness.

They are a combination of tapestry weaving, narrow band weaving, lucet cords, tatting, knitting, wood work wire work and leather work.

Here’s a slide show video of my 6th Sense One of a Kind Art dolls.

Most of the 6th Sense One of a Kind Art Dolls in the video are for sale, but some of them have already sold and gone to live in their new homes.




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8 responses to “6th Sense One of a Kind Art Dolls

  1. Diana Taylor

    Wonderful and inspiring as always, Noreen. Beautiful and thoughtful work. You always inspire me:)

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  2. Tammy

    Absolutely beautiful, Noreen. I can just imagine how amazing they are to see in person. Thank you for sharing them with us!

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  3. Noreen they are stunning. I love the one with the woven face, but they are all so amazing! Six pennies on each also make me think of their true value that can’t be counted in coin.

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  4. Stunningly beautiful! Thank you so much.

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