How to Carve a Weaving Hook from a Chopstick

I use weaving hooks in all kinds of weaving- everything from potholder looms and frame looms to triangle looms, and a fair few looms in between.

Crochet hooks are okay for some weaving, but they can be too short and too round for some weaving.

I have found that making weaving hooks from chopsticks is quick, easy and very satisfying. It’s a great way to upcycle.

Chopstick weaving hooks are longer than crochet hooks (afghan hooks can be hard to find) and are flatter, and work beautifully.


You can customize your weaving hook to be the absolute bees knees by fine tuning it with a little sanding or whittling as you work with it.

Here is a step by step ‘how to’ video tutorial that shows you how you can easily carve or whittle your own perfect weaving hook with just a few simple tools:



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4 responses to “How to Carve a Weaving Hook from a Chopstick

  1. Aren’t chopsticks just the handiest, most utilitarian objects possible? You eat with them, and clean the mud out of the soles of your shoes, and stake little plants – and now you show us how to carve a weaving hook from one. Bravo!

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  2. Liz

    I’m very intrigued, is it tapestry weaving? The hook looks great 👍


    • Hi Liz
      I don’t usually use weaving hooks in tapestry techniques- I use needles and bobbins. I use weaving hooks in frame and pin loom style weaving like potholder looms and the new looms that I am just in the process of writing the instruction manuals for. I also use them in triangle loom weaving. They work soooooooo well! 🙂

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