A collection of available Vasilisa Comfort Dolls Feb 2022

In my previous post, I showed photos of the Vasilisa Comfort Dolls that are Lucets and also some Vasilisa Comfort Dolls that were inspired by and an homage to the Orkney Venus. LINK

If you would like to buy one of the Vasilisa Comfort dolls please post a comment and I will get back to you asap. (your comment won’t be public)

THE GREAT MOTHER Vasilisa Comfort Dolls can be seen at LINK

To see the larger Vasilisa Comfort Dolls, please click on LINK

‘CHOICES’ Vasilisa Comfort Dolls:

Making decisions can be so challenging right now…. The Choices Vasilisa Comfort Doll is great at helping to make choices. ‘Yes’ on one side…. for a Wholly ‘Yes’
And, ‘No’ on the other…. for the Holy ‘No’……


Listening for Wisdom, The Owl as Guide:



I carved these Vasilisa Comfort Dolls from Walnut to give them darker skin tones:

Vasilisa Comfort Doll (walnut) Singing a New Song
Vasilisa Comfort Doll (walnut) Mother and Child
Vasilisa Comfort Doll (walnut) Dream Guide

Vasilisa Comfort Doll (walnut) Storyteller/Storykeeper/Guardian of the Books
Vasilisa Comfort Doll (walnut) The Heart of Lovingkindness
This Vasilisa Comfort Doll is a necklace made with a beaded lucet cord. She has a tatted necklace around her neck, made with a tatting shuttle that I carved myself.

Vasilisa Comfort Doll Starbaby:

This group of Vasilisa Comfort Dolls is influenced by Goddess imagery:

Vasilisa Comfort Doll Serenity
Vasilisa Comfort Doll She Guides the Journey
Vasilisa Comfort Doll Dreaming Rabbit

This last group of Vasilisa Comfort Dolls is all about my love of flowers:

Vasilisa Comfort Doll Rosebud Inner Child
Vasilisa Comfort Doll Healing Laughter in the Blossom
Vasilisa Comfort Doll Protected by the Flowers


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