Introducing the Mollie Whuppie and Vasilisa looms

The enchanting little Thumbelina loom now has 2 big sisters!

I have designed 2 gorgeous new little looms and Dewberry Ridge looms are building and selling them.

I am just thrilled with them!

The Three Sisters are: LINK


Tiny Thumbelina: LINK


And  her sister: Mollie Whuppie: LINK


And, the biggest sister: Vasilisa: LINK



What can you weave on Mollie Whuppie and Vasilisa?

Well, everything that you can weave on Thumbelina, but on a larger scale.

I’ve written an instruction booklet that shows how to weave techinques so you can weave:

Tapestry pouches:


Tapestry dolls:



Freeform tapestry ‘Weavies’:




Statement necklaces:


Prayer Flags:


Banners and bunting:


And, the Mollie Whuppie loom has a secret power!

She can mend socks!

You can’t make socks on the Mollie Whuppie loom, but the patches that you weave are totally perfect for fixing the worn out heels of precious hand knit socks.


Here’s a little video that explains the origins of Mollie Whuppie and Vasilisa’s names and shows the projects:

I love Mollie Whuppie and Vasilisa, and hope that you will, too!

I’ll be showing you more with them, in upcoming posts.

Happy Weaving!



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3 responses to “Introducing the Mollie Whuppie and Vasilisa looms

  1. Amazing super powers accrue to both these looms! I’m dazzled by Mollie Whuppie’s ability to darn socks. It actually looks as if her darning has made the sad sock even more beautiful than it was before. Bravo!

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    • I am so delighted with both looms! I’ve been working hard on them. Actually, I have been in the design process with them for quite a few years, as I have been experimenting with all kinds of variations on their theme, and have arrived at the perfect version of each of them 🙂 And, yes, the sad sock is sooooooo happy now! So are my feet, since I have a cushy layer under my heels instead of holes! 🙂 Win/win!

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