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A favorite loom for weaving narrow bands

One of my favorite forms of weaving is narrow band weaving.

This little loom is one of my most favorite looms ever.

I designed and built it over many years, starting with an antique wooden butter box that is older than I am.

My father in law used several of them in his workshop as drawers.

When he passed, we inherited one of them and slowly over the years, I have built this small loom with it.

Back in 2015, I posted about the beginnings of this little loom. Here’s the LINK to that post.

I am working hard on finishing up several new pieces to apply to enter them into a show.

I am using the narrow bands woven on this loom in some of the new pieces.

It makes me so happy to weave on this loom…. it feels like it came out of a fairy tale.



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A Basket Full of Woven Teddy Bears for the Summer Weaving Challenge

I have been weaving up a delightful basket of bears for the week of Aug 8- 14, 2022.

That’s the week that I will be leading the Summer Weaving Challenge that is hosted by Mirrix looms.

The Teddy Bears will be revealed in their full adorableness and by then, I will have finished editing the heap of ‘how to’ videos that I have been obsessively filming about the making of the teddy bears.

The Teddy Bears will be having a wonderful picnic, and I will show how each of them (and those that are still in the works) are in fact, samplers of techniques in my book: Innovative Weaving on the Frame Loom.

I’ll be posting links for the videos for the Saffron Teddy Bears here LINK on my blog beginning Aug 2, 2022.

If you don’t have my book, you can order it from Mirrix, and yup, you’ll want a Saffron loom, too (it’s one of my most favorite looms ever- so adaptable!).

Here’s the link: https://mirrixlooms.com/collections/starter-packages/products/noreen-crone-findlay-x-mirrix-looms-imagine-weave-along-kit

Happy Weaving! Happy Summertime!

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