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Making string heddles for my Mirrix loom

At the beginning of May,  a ‘new-to-me’ loom , a large  Mirrix tapestry loom, arrived in my studio. (Courtesy of my son and daughter in law who picked her up in the city 4 hours away, that used to be her home- the previous owner didn’t want to ship her).

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

I immediately sat down and made a whole lot of heddles for her, as she didn’t come with them.

And then, I warped her up- ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, I love how easily she warps! Bliss!

As I was warping her up and starting to weave,  I thought…. ‘Hmmmm…. there must be a group for Mirrix weavers on Ravelry’

(Ravelry= the facebook of the yarn world)

I looked, and sure enough! There is a Mirrix group…. which I joined, pronto.

And the first thing I saw was that Claudia (the inventor of the magical Mirrix looms) and Elena, her talented daughter, had posted that they were accepting applications for their annual ‘Social Networking for a Mirrix Loom’ campaign. Link

Well… I had decided within hours of starting to weave on my ‘Joni’ loom that I wanted to fill my studio with Mirrix looms.

So, I sent off an application….

Um… I wanted to fill the studio with ~Smaller~ Mirrix looms!

MEANWHILE>>>> The Joni is one big Mamma, and even though I am tall, my arms are short, so I found that I was having shoulder pain.

My  clever daughter in law subtly sneaked the information out of me that I was longing for the treadle kit for the Mirrix loom. Then, she orchestrated the family buying me the treadle kit for Mother’s Day! What a sweetheart!

To say that I was thrilled was an understatement!

THEN!  on the 18th of May, was just tickled pink to hear from Elena that they had picked me as one of their team for the 4 months of the ‘Social Networking’ campaign. Whee!  What a couple of thrilling days!

And, now… I am starting to keep my part of the bargain, which is to chronicle my experiences with the Mirrix loom(s).

So, since I began my Mirrix adventures with making string heddles, I am going to show you my quick and easy way of making the string heddles for the Mirrix looms (or inkle or frame looms, too).

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

And, here is the video:

How to make string heddles by Noreen Crone-Findlay (c)

Happy Weaving!


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Whatcha working on these days? he asked

Last week, a friend asked me what I was working on these days.

In response, I  rattled off a list of projects and tasks that is the length of my arm.

The next day, as I was leaving the dentist, he drove up to the stop sign, he said: ‘Oh yah, you say you’re working on all these things, but here you are, just walking down the street!’ 😀

Um… if I could master the transporter, I would! Zap! into the dentist chair! Zap! Home again! Sparkle sparkle zing. 🙂

I would like that…. 🙂

Anyhow, here are some of the things that are happening in my studio right now….

(Not ~ all  ~ the things that are happening, as I can’t show projects that I am designing for magazines etc- the editors would be smacking me on the side of the head if I did….)

(and I am working on some stuff that I need to not talk about until it ripens. You know how it is.)

Okay… first things first…

We have adopted an adorable little rescue…. he’s 4 1/2 years old and is just wonderful.

(except for being a cat botherer… that is NOT good 😦  )  This is him (in his fetching blue harness) with his adopted big brother. (Our  dear old chihuahua/daschund cross).

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

Ah, well, other than being oh so barkie about the cats, he is completely adorable. As you can see, he has settled in beautifully.

Although, every adoption takes time and patience and attention….

Alright…. a brief zip around the studio:

Okay, in the southeast corner, there’s a big project happening on my tri loom (configured to the 3 foot size).

I’ll be posting more about this as the project moves closer to the finish line:

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

My tri loom is from Dewberry Ridge looms, and it’s beautifully crafted. I love it.

I have other projects on the go on Dewberry Ridge looms:

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

I am weaving a scarf for my daughter on the 14 inch tri loom. Link to another post about this scarf: linkie

And, I am using a Dewberry Ridge Potholder loom for a new design that I will be releasing soon:

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

And, I am still working on my husband’s vest on the Structo Loom:

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

And…. I am working on several new tapestries in my series of ‘Woven Women’-

I have two ‘new to me’ looms that I bought from other weavers who didn’t bond with them:

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

I am delighted with my ‘new to me’ Mirrix ‘Joni’ tapestry loom.  I am just singing Joni’s praises!

I am loving working with her! Perfection!

At the same time that I bought Joni Mirrix, I spotted a little wooden tapestry loom on Kijiji, and happily bought her.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

This is a very slow little loom to work with, as there are no built in shedding devices, just good old fashioned weaving swords and string heddles.

Even though, I quite love this little loom and am enjoying working on her. 🙂

And………… I am also working on a whole buncha other stuff, that I’ll be telling you more about later.

Until then, may the sun shine softly upon you!

Happy weaving!




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