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All the Links for the Noreen part of the Summer Weaving Challenge 2022

This post is where I’ll be putting all the links to all the ‘how to’ videos for the woven Teddy Bears that I have designed for the Mirrix Summer Weaving Challenge for the summer of 2022.

The videos will stay up as long as I have a YouTube channel.

For starters…..

Here’s the link to the Summer Weaving Challenge on the Mirrix website: LINK

If you don’t have my book, you can order it from Mirrix, and yup, you’ll want a Saffron loom, too (it’s one of my most favorite looms ever- so adaptable!). LINK

How to carve a weaving hook from a chopstick using a few simple tools: LINK


INTRODUCTION: The Teddy Bears have a Parade and a Picnic: LINK

1- What is needed for weaving the Saffron Bears LINK

2- Saffron Teddy Bears- How to weave the Arms LINK

3- Saffron Teddy Bears- How to weave the Teddy Bear Body, with lots of variations LINK

4- Saffron Teddy Bears- How to weave the Teddy Bear Head and Nose LINK

5- Saffron Teddy Bears- How to Assemble the Teddy Bears LINK

6- Saffron Teddy Bears- How to Weave Sun Hats for the Teddy Bears LINK

7- Tiny Teddy Bears woven on the Baby Duo Looms from Hello! Looms LINK

Happy Teddy Bears! Happy Weaving! Happy Summertime!



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