Upcycled tunic new life for old clothes

Last summer, I bought a really frumpy skirt and a too small dress at the thrift shop.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

Why on earth would anyone in their right mind do that?

Because I intended to ‘harvest’ the fabric

from both the garments and

upcycle them into something new and oh so much fun for myself.

The skirt was long enough,

and full enough

to be able to provide the body for this fun tunic.

And, the skimpy dress provided the pockets,

lower bands, and upper neck band-

and I just love it!

I wear it with leggings, and a t shirt

underneath, because my days of wearing

shortish dresses with bare legs are long gone.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

As I was taking the pic of the tunic,

I remembered another upcycling

project that I did recently:

I took a favorite old dress and cut it up

and turned it into a fun and floatie


it just hit me that they would work well together!!!


So, think twice before you toss old clothes,

and don’t let the frumpiness or too smallish-ness

of a garment put you off…

cut them up and re-configure them into something

that you will enjoy!

Hurrah for re-purposing, reclaiming, recycling, re-fashioning, re-using, re-creating, restoring, renewing and upcycling!



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11 responses to “Upcycled tunic new life for old clothes

  1. Aleksa

    You have made BEAUTIFUL new clothes with these too small, too old clothes. Amazing!


  2. Hmmm….you have me thinking now as I just took some things to the thrift store today. Well, perhaps someone else will be able to use them or make them into something else.

    They look great!


  3. Alice

    Noreen you always have such great ideas : )


  4. Nice combo of colors and patterns.

    And it looks like you’ve got all the seasons covered – as well as yourself, Noreen. lol.


  5. Your ideas are always so amazing. I love this one, too. I like to look for drapes and stuff at rummages to use for craft projects, but I never thought of “upcycling” clothes. Very clever.


  6. Wow, what a great idea Noreen! I’ve got an entirely new outlook on how to view these things that I had never thought of before! Thanks!


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  9. Hi June
    LOL…. it can make it verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry hard to put clothes into the give away! There’s always that nagging thought: gee… I can use the fabric in this…. LOL!


  10. Oops… didn’t get email notification of all the comments on this post! Sorry, Terri, Cherie, Margie, Eileen, Alice and Aleksa! And, thank you so much for posting comments about my tunic and shirt!!!


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