Upcycling old crochet cotton with potholder looms

For many years, I have adopted all the stray balls of crochet cotton that I have found at the thrift shop.

I have happily been using them in many different ways, but now they are coming together to be upcycled into lovely kitchen cloths to use instead of paper towels.

They are a pleasure to weave on potholder looms and are lovely and soft.

While we are all holding the fort at home, let’s create some beauty, and enjoy the sweet pleasure of weaving on simple looms!

Here’s the video I made about this very satisfying form of upcycling.



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4 responses to “Upcycling old crochet cotton with potholder looms

  1. wiredwirefox

    Thanks Noreen! This is a great use for all thin cotton. I love weaving on a potholder loom too.

    Stay safe, Marilou

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  2. Wonderful inspiration. I use to crochet these washcloths. I still have a few. Actually, it was a technique called Norwegian hakking – like Tunisian crochet.

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  3. Oh…. neat! I have never heard of Norwegian hakking- I will have to look this up! Thanks!


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