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Teddy Bears Adventures and Picnic

The Saffron Woven Teddy Bears invited some wooden teddy bears and tiny woven bears to have an adventure with them, and then to join them for a picnic.

They climbed onto some tractors and into some wagons and even a bulldozer to ramble off to the picnic place.

The tiny Blue Bear of Happiness was thrilled to drive the clockwork tractor, but found changing the gears was challenging and sent the passengers tumbling a few times.

They didn’t mind, in fact it was kind of fun.

Jimmy Bear drove the larger tractor with style and his passengers enjoyed the ride in the various trailers, carts and chariots, but did find the heat to be rather intense. (It was blisteringly hot!)

A bulldozer was the ride of choice for a few of the Pandas and their friend….

All the bears sang ‘The Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ at the top of their lungs.

Sadly, the carved wooden teddys found the heat to be un-bearable, so they scampered back into the studio and sat in front of the fan to cool off.

The woven Saffron Bears were perfectly happy in their sun hats, so the sun didn’t bother them.

Jimmy Bear played his guitar and all the other bears loved it.

Two of the bears had brought along a telescope to watch birds, but were able to keep an eye on their carved wooden friends to make sure they made it safely back to the studio.

Only one of the bears had remembered to bring a parasol, but shared it when anyone need a little rest from the sun.

The pandas wondered if the grass might taste like bamboo, but the hot sun had dried it out so much that they decided to not sample it.

And two little bears leaned back in their folding chair and quietly dozed off right after this picture was taken.

The tiniest bears were so glad that someone had remembered to bring their travelling bed along and after some giggling and wiggling, they fell asleep, too….

While the Blue Bear of Happiness and Wee Brown Bear enjoyed the shade of their umbrella.

All in all, it was a fine afternoon on an incredibly hot and sunny summer day.

I designed and wove all the Teddy Bears for the Mirrix Summer Weaving Challenge 2022.

The Saffron Bears were all woven on the Mirrix Saffron Loom. LINK

The tiny Bears were woven on the Baby Duo looms from Hello! Looms. LINK

All the ‘how to’ links to the videos for the step by step process of weaving all the looms are listed on

L I N K (Note: They will be added one by one through the week of August 8 to 15, 2022 and will remain available once they have been released, so there is no time limit on getting the weaving done.)

Happy Weaving! And, may the teddy bears bring you delight!



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Potholder Loom Blanket Free Pattern by Noreen Crone-Findlay

I wrote and designed and wrote and designed sooooooooooooo many patterns and projects for the Potholder Loom Weaving book that the book became too big, and my editor and I had to make some hard decisions. Even so, the book is a lot thicker than the publisher had originally intended, so many thanks to Stackpole Books and especially to my wonderful editor, Candi Derr, for going to bat for the book and letting it grow bigger than it was originally intended.

We pulled this design from the book and now I am offering it to you as a gift.

If you want to make the blanket larger, use a 27 peg (Pro size) 9 inch loom instead of the Traditional 18 peg size potholder loom.  If you want to make the blanket smaller, use the 3 inch size potholder loom (available here: LINK)


POTHOLDER LOOM GEOMETRIC  BLANKET by Noreen Crone-Findlay (copyright)

The Geometric  blanket is a cozy wrap to keep you warm no matter what season. The teddy bears and their friends are having a lovely picnic on the Geometric blanket.  Won’t you join them?


NOTES: Feel free to change colors and yarns. The blanket in the photos was woven with a single strand of bulky yarn. If you choose to work with thinner yarns, you will need to purchase (or spin) twice as much yarn and use 2 or more strands held together as if they are a single strand.

The twill pattern is on page 59 of Potholder Loom Weaving.  The brown and green butterflies in the original blanket didn’t work well, so use the twill pattern or you choice of alternates instead.

FINISHED MEASUREMENTS:  60 inches/150 cm square.

If you would like a larger blanket, then use the large size (27 pegs or nails per side) potholder loom, following the chart and weaving the same number of squares and rectangles.  You will need to purchase at least 50% more yarn.

WPI of yarn: 6 wraps per inch

EQUIPMENT AND TOOLS: Potholder loom- 6 inch size (18 pegs or nails per side), Optional: Small size (9 pegs or nails per side) potholder loom; weaving hook; chopstick or knitting needle for shed stick; crochet hook; scissors; tapestry or craft needle.

YARN: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Tonal; Bulky #5 weight yarn; 80% acrylic/ 20% wool; 124 yd/ 113 m; 4 oz/113 gm; 1 strand of yarn is used as warp and weft. 3 balls of each of the following colors: #112 Raspberry; #153 Night Sky; #123 Sand; #126 Coffee; 4 balls of #194 Lime.



20 squares in #194 Lime  Here’s a link that will show you how to weave with yarn on the potholder loom: LINK

16 squares warped with #194 Lime and woven with #126 Coffee

16 squares in #112 Raspberry

1 square in #153 Night Sky

12 squares in #126 Coffee

36 rectangles, warped vertically over 9 pegs or nails, and woven horizontally over 18 pegs or nails in #153 Night Sky, woven using Rectangle technique on  https://youtu.be/K2X4nLRBBNs

16 squares in #123 Sand

4 small squares in #194 Lime, woven using instructions for how to weave small squares (9 pegs or nails by 9 pegs or nails) on p.10 of the Potholder Loom Weaving book or instructions that came with the small size potholder loom.



Stitch all the squares and rectangles together, following the chart .

Start at the middle and work out.

See https://youtu.be/1CgInjP_ApA  for instructions on how to stitch modules together.







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More little looms from recycled stuff part 2

If you are teaching a child to weave, or just want an impromptu, no cost small loom for sampling yarns and colorways,  this little loom is very handy.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

The project on the foam food tray loom is a bookmark, but you can weave amulet bags,  rug mugs, small dolls and toys,  doll house rugs or squares that you stitch together to make larger projects.

It’s great for traveling, as it’s light, and if you use a plastic darning needle for weaving, it’s fine to take through airport security.

Yesterday, I posted part one of the recycled and upcycled looms: Here’s the link:  PART ONE

I think that one of the most accessible looms for beginning weavers is the  weaving stick loom.

I am doing a lot of designing for it – here’s my post about the mermaid to weave on the stick weaving loom: LINK

Happy Weaving!!!!

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