Celebrate Springtime with adorable doodled paper eggs

I love making little presents that I can just pop in an envelope and mail to family and friends.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

Yesterday, I had a flash of inspiration…. well, really it was several flashes of inspiration that came together ever so nicely!

Lately, I have been blogging   about doodling, Link and Link , so that’s kind of noodling around in the outer reaches of my brain.

And, a week or so ago, my daughter blogged about very cute embroidered Easter Eggs: Link

And, then  Linette blogged about some papier mache Easter eggs that she had just made: Link

These all got me thinking about threads all came together and inspired me to design and make some oh so sweet paper eggs that can hang in a houseplant, a tree or be used as a bookmark or in scrapbooking.

Here’s what I did:

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

First of all, I drew an egg shape, and then I made a tracer or template from a piece of plastic from the recycling box.

Then, I traced around it on a used envelope (gotta love being green! re-duce, re-use, recycle, reclaim, upcycle!) and cut out 2 eggs. (Front and back).

Then I cut out an inch diameter circle of white paper (use whatever color works best for your choice of skin tone).

I snipped about 4 inches of embroidery floss for the hanger.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

Draw the  face on the circle and glue it on the front egg.

I doodled merrily away on the front of the egg, and then, because this one is going to my mom, I wrote a message on the back.

Glue the thread in  a loop to the inside of the back and then glue the front to the back….. and Voila!

Adorable paper eggs to celebrate springtime!

Variations: I had brunch with 2 friends yesterday, and I made them eggs, but didn’t do the doodles. I took my colored pens with me, and they doodled happily on their eggs while we visited. Fun!  Here are their eggs:

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

I also love to use fragments of tatting to decorate and embellish, so I used some scraps of tatting on 2 more eggs…

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

This tutorial is Noreen Crone-Findlay’s original concept and design. Please DO NOT COPY the text or photos. Please do share the link! Thanks so much!!!



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17 responses to “Celebrate Springtime with adorable doodled paper eggs

  1. These are adorable! Glad I could inspire you:-)


  2. Hi Linette
    Thanks for the inspiration! I have had so much fun with these little paper eggs… I can see making a whole lot more of them!


  3. Aleksa

    way too cute! These are just adorable!


  4. Thanks, Aleksa! I have been having soooooooo much fun making these! I love springtime, and I never get tired of finding fun ways of celebrating it!


  5. I love how inspiration comes from everywhere!


  6. Those remind me sooo much of Polish or Russian nesting dolls. How appropriate since Easter is the biggest family and religious holiday of the year for people of Polish decent.

    I wonder how many I can get done in time. This idea is just perfect for my DH’s family.


  7. Oops – pardon my typo. My hubby’s family are actually very decent people as well. But I meant to refer to them being of Polish descent. Lol.


  8. Hi Cyndi
    I do too! This project showed me how much I treasure my Artsy Bloggers group!
    You just never know where your inspiration will come from! I love it that it was a series of Artsy blogger links that came together to nudge me into designing these sweet little paper dolls!


  9. Hi Eileen
    Oh! It didn’t occur to me that they look like Matroushka dolls…. what fun! I love Matroushkas, so perhaps they unconsciously made their influence made…. I hope that your husband’s family will enjoy them!


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  11. Wow…those turned out just too cute! Those would be the kind of thing I’d do, then late at night leave hanging all over the neighborhood for kids to find…I think I’ll begin now…I’ve got a whole week…


  12. Aleksa

    You’ve done it again – brought all these fabulous links to us, in addition to your own amazing art. Thank you so much!


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  14. Did you get some eggie paper dolls made, June? I am finding them to be just so much fun… they are quick and such a treat to make. I have been tatting little crowns for them…. so sweet!


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