How to weave a Bumble Bee on the Thumbelina loom

I am weaving  a shawl on my 7 ft triangle loom that is an homage to summer.

I’m embellishing it with all kinds of motifs that I have woven on my Thumbelina loom.

Thumbelina Bumblebee 1 (c)

The body of the bumble bee is woven with the clasped weft technique.

I’ve made a video showing how I did it, but thought that some still photos might be helpful, too:

Here, the Thumbelina is warped with crochet cotton:

Thumbelina Bumblebee 3 (c)

In this photo, I have woven the body – and have started pulling in on the weaving to shape it.

The outside warp strands have been moved to the adjacent nails.

Thumbelina Bumblebee 4 (c)

Her abdomen is woven:

Thumbelina Bumblebee 5 (c)

The lower part of the head is woven, ready to complete the head.

Thumbelina Bumblebee 6 (c)

Each wing is woven in two petal shaped parts and stitched to the body.

Happy weaving!

Note: if you want to make a stuffed Bumble Bee, then weave a second body section and stitch them together and stuff them before adding the wings and eyes.



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9 responses to “How to weave a Bumble Bee on the Thumbelina loom

  1. Oh, it just gets better and better! Daisies and butterflies and bunnies and now the most beautiful Bumble Bees. The garden still isn’t entirely certain about the bunnies, but everything else seems like an enormous gift. Thank yoi!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you soooooooo much! I have been having more fun than I could have ever imagined when I started out with this project! I keep thinking of more and more critters who want to live on the garden shawl…. at some point, I am simply going to have to say: Enough! LOL… too much fun!


  2. I have something in mind, and will just sit back to see if it is in your mind too…

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  3. Actually, I am working on something very special right now- one of my other friends guessed what it is, so I won’t be surprised if you guess, too…. 😀 and, LOL…. someone else asked for something that they really want to see on the Garden shawl, too, and I have done the drawings for it, too, so obviously, the Garden shawl has taken on a life of it’s own, since other people are figuring out what else is needing to be in the Garden! 😀


  4. You know how it goes…. sometimes, the inspiration is high octane! It runs like a waterfall, and not a meandering stream! Whoosh! 🙂 I am so pleased with the way this little darlin’ is turning out…. working on the second prototype before I start the video process- working out any glitches (hopefully). I think that you should come and see the Garden shawl in person! 🙂 I am NOT working outside on the ~real~ garden, however…. ahem….. I would much rather be weaving!


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